Why 1Social?

The problem: Content creators on youtube, instagram, twitter, etc... create clutter and an abundance of links to reach out to their followers/subscribers.
The solution: 1Social.me

What is 1Social?

1Social consolidates all of your social media links into one place, making it easy to find and be found.
Example: From one of my favorite content creators MKBHD's review of the Galxy S9:
Note:This is just a fictional example. MKBHD does not actualy use 1social.

Who am I?

I'm this guy kcamel.com and this guy 1social.me/kcamel. I like to code stuff.

Where does 1social hail from?

An igloo somwhere in Canada 🇨🇦.

Like 1Social?

Then spread the word! What are you waiting for?
Also, you can send me some eth, btc, or money if you're feeling generous, but you don't have to. Check my 1Social page for my eth, btc, or paypal addresses.